Programming Committee

Director, Digital Planning Lab

Mr Huang Zhongwen heads URA’s Digital Planning Lab (DPLab). In this role, he leads an inter-disciplinary team to spearhead URA’s efforts in catalysing the digitalisation of urban planning, incubate digital competencies, as well as foster innovations and partnerships. This includes developing digital tools (e.g. ePlanner, a one-stop geospatial planning tool) and harnessing data science methods, to enable a more data-informed and integrated way of planning across agencies. Vocational analytics training for planners as well as cross-agency collaborations and Industry partnerships to strengthen the way URA plans, is also a big part of his work.

Zhongwen is a geographer by training from London School of Economics, with background in science and math, and passion for cities and technology. In his prior career as a naval officer, he worked on acquiring new capabilities as well as transforming operations with technology. Joining URA in 2012, he was previously involved in the long-term plans and policies for transport, utilities and underground space. He pioneered efforts to build up URA’s Futures capabilities for planning, and, as well as Ops-Tech capabilities for urban planning including the development of digital scenario planning tools and the use of planning analytics.